Sharing the tradition of flavour

Since 1864, artisan cooks at Maison Dubernet have been cultivating a passion for the flavours of the traditional recipes from the southwest of France. These delicate and rich flavours exalt the fine ingredients of a fertile and generous land.

A story of passion for the food from the southwest of France

  • Since its creation in Saint Sever, Maison Dubernet has been perfecting its gastronomic know-how, handing down its inimitable recipes from generation to generation.
  • Backed by its talented artisans, all lovers of fine food, it symbolises the excellence of the cuisine of the “Landes” area, known to connoisseurs and chefs in France’s finest restaurants.

Maison Dubernet selects its ingredients from the region’s finest producers.
Fresh and prepared by hand, all of the meat, vegetables and condiments used to prepare Dubernet recipes are sourced from exceptional suppliers and are your guarantee of impeccable quality.

Artisanal recipes and preparation methods

Maison Dubernet creates inimitable recipes for foie gras, confits, pâtés, terrines and pre-prepared meals, all prepared with care and in the traditional manner, so that all food-gourmets can discover and share the fine and bold flavours of the home cooking of southwest France.