Pâté “Bayonnais” with Foie Gras

Reference: PBAY125G
Jar - 125 g

A classic from Maison Dubernet, pairing a base of coarsely chopped country-style pâté with chunks of Foie Gras. This pâté is flavoured with carrot, laurel and a slight note of Espelette chili, A pâté that’s both rustic and elegant.

Available in: 125 g
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Preparation advice

Serve with a dish of cold cuts or as an entrée with a salad or simply with a slice of toast or a fresh baguette.


. Pork meat
. Pork liver 30%
. Duck foie gras 10%
. Carrots
. Garlic
. Laurel
. Salt
. Sugar
. Aromatics

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